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The Future of CryptoCurrency? – Crypto AI on the Blockchain – BotChain ICO Review

Date: 2018-04-18 23:15:34

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Tronix Icon Technical Analysis Chart 1/7/2018 by

Date: 2018-01-07 21:52:04

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Financial Currencies

History: History of Money: Financial History: From Barter to “Bitcoin” – An Overview of Our: Economic History, Monetary System, & Currency Crisis (Digital … Federal Reserve, Currency


Distinct Volatility Threat to Pound (Strategy Video)

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Talking Points:

• The Federal Reserve is due to announce its decision on monetary policy at the conclusion of its two day meeting at 18:00 GMT
• Speculation is very explicit about the Fed’s timing with virtually zero chance of a hike today but 98% probability Dec 13th
• Monetary policy is a key theme for ‘risk’ and the Dollar, but President Trump’s Chair pick on Thursday will likely have more pull

The Bank of England is expected to hike rates for the first change in policy since the post-Brexit rate cut and QE top off. How will this move impact the British Pound? Watch our live webinar coverage of the BoE decison on DailyFX. (

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BoE Preview: British Pound Outlook Hinges on U.K. Hiking Cycle

Date: 2017-11-01 19:26:23

Join DailyFX Currency Analyst David Song for a preview of the FOMC as well as the BoE interest rate decisions.

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Webinar: Bitcoin Trading Strategy as Prices Continue to Soar

Date: 2017-11-01 12:56:57


Forex: Top FX Headlines: USD Uptrend Steady Before FOMC; GBP Risky Ahead of BOE: 11/1/17

Date: 2017-11-01 11:03:51

– Fed funds are pricing in a 0% chance of a rate move today, which isn’t a surprise considering policy officials have all but explicitly said that the next hike is coming in December.
– Asymmetric risk exists for the British Pound around the BOE rate decision tomorrow, given the high degree to which a rate hike has been priced-in (89% per overnight index swaps).


Trading Outlook: FOMC, US Dollar, EURUSD, Cross-rates & More

Date: 2017-11-01 10:34:47

Today, we briefly discussed today’s FOMC meeting, but focused primarily on the technical landscape of USD-pairs, cross-rates, and touched on commodities & equity indices.@PaulRobinsonFX

FX Closing Bell October 31: GBP Strength Pre-FOMC As Traders Question BoEs Long-Term Plan

Date: 2017-10-31 22:06:32


Will they or won’t they? That is, will the Bank of England on Thursday signal subsequent hikes? The market is pricing in an 88% probability of a rate hike on Thursday. However, the anticipated volatility surrounds whether or not the BoE’s Mark Carney will provide the scenario where GBP/USD moves toward 1.3350 on a hawkish take-away (more hikes to come) or toward 1.2900 if Carney sounds a dovish tone (one-and-done.)

While Wednesday’s top event will technically be the Federal Reserve rate announcement (markets pricing in less than 1% probability of a move), all eyes are one day forward where US President Donald Trump is expected to appoint the next Fed chair. Current front-runner Jerome Powell is seen as a complement to the Yellen viewpoint, and Powell would not be seen rocking the boat of monetary policy. The market is pricing in an 85% chance of a rate hike in December, and after the FOMC chair nomination is made known, traders will likely look for ways to continue playing the USD rebound from the 2017 trend.

As mentioned yesterday, traders should continue to keep an eye on commodity currencies that continue to sell-off. On Tuesday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said foreign speculators would no longer be able to buy NZ houses for speculative purposes, which adds to the political risk premium that has taken NZD down by 3.5% over the last month. On Tuesday, the Canadian Dollar also weakened after GDP missed estimates.

Dollar’s Breakout Grows Precarious Ahead of Fed, Bitcoin Nears Legitimacy (Forex Trading Video)

Date: 2017-10-31 20:57:13

Talking Points:

• Despite political instability headlines, risk has held steady and the SPX extended a 7-month advance – matching longest in 20 years
• Top event risk ahead is the Federal Reserve’s rate decision, but its market-moving capacity may be curbed by Fed transparency
• Key technical developments like the Dollar’s reversal are losing steam, but Bitcoin’s charge found fresh support from the CME

What are the DailyFX analysts’ fundamental and technical forecasts for the Dollar, Euro, equity indexes and more through the fourth and final quarter of the year? Download the recently-released 4Q forecasts on DailyFX. (