"If you want to enjoy a passive income laptop lifestyle but don’t know how to achieve it - then THIS is for YOU …" Discover The Twin Secrets Of The Elite Super-Rich And Use Them To Transform YOUR Life For The Better I often get asked what made the difference in my online business. What was it that finally turned me from being someone who regularly saw more cash leaving my PayPal account than entering it? The KEY that resulted in me starting to earn a regular, semi-automatic income. As much as all the usual things had a positive effect; building a list, sending regular engaging emails and creating my own products, they weren’t the key. The ONE addition that had the biggest effect…BAR NONE…was promoting and selling continuity products.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully gives you some ideas for the sort of offers to look out for. And it’s not just IM niche products that have continuity income. If you are in niches other than IM, there are a TON of recurring products – usually membership sites with monthly recurring billing. Ones that people are happy to pay to join… and to KEEP paying. So where do you find these recurring products to promote? One of the best places to find these sorts of products is on Clickbank. When the money comes in take a holiday.

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