The Pay Day Loan

The Pay Day Loan

The Pay Day Loan

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An Ex-SAS trooper Mike Anderson on a mission to identify revolutionary elements in the Philippines. He is tasked to discover who is behind attempts to reverse engineer the very latest US made RPGs.

Fat Danny is a loan shark who runs a Pay Day Loan company. Whilst chasing Anderson for an overdue debt, he becomes the unintentional banker and money launderer for some of Ireland’s hard-men.
The men, all ex-IRA, forge an alliance with a group of Islamic fundamentalists bent on causing problems for the security services.

Involved in the scheme is Omar Akbar, a student who is out to avenge his brother’s death. Encouraged by a visiting radical preacher from Finsbury Park, Omar embarks upon a chance to fulfil his dream of a sixth Caliphate. Quite what happens to his vision depends upon the technical competence of the America’s Homeland Security, England’s MI6, the SAS and GCHQ.

The action shifts between remote regions of Pakistan, tourist sites in Thailand, Londonderry and the Philippines.


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