The Ruin of Purity Bumble

The Ruin of Purity Bumble

The Ruin of Purity Bumble

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London 1872. After the tragic death of her poor, dear mama Miss Purity Bumble inherits the family debts and faces financial ruin. With the help of loyal, goodhearted Flumpity she struggles to survive amidst the filthy slums of Snitchwell where Scrooge offers payday loans. But as events beyond her control unfold can our plucky heroine evade the dreaded debtors prison? Will Purity be saved or will she be ruined? And will she ever be the proud owner of a large, accurate and comprehensive dictionary?

The chapters in this Dickensian tale have been reduced to bite-size chunks and liberally sprinkled with modern day references so as not to leave the reader completely adrift in a sea of Victoriana. If you love tales of trials, tribulations and fortitude then, please, read on!


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